auroralogoeditedAurora Coaching is my executive coaching company. For more than a dozen years I have coached leaders, professionals, and creatives through achieving many kinds of work and life goals.

While all good coaching features small and large breakthroughs throughout the coaching experience, I specialize in coaching for innovation, professional and creative breakthroughs, the courage behind going for bigger goals and seeing them through, and making more of the happy state of flow. Working from this place is a great source of ordinary  genius.


My doctoral research (University of Southern Mississippi, 2012) investigated Einstein’s processes and experiences in achieving the breakthroughs of special and general relativity theory. I continue to research and write on the subject of breakthrough and discovery processes both personal and professional, including the roles of personal motivation and flow. The neurobiology of creativity and the work of Einstein and other independent breakthrough learners are favorite subjects.


Breakthrough is more than a professional or psychological objective. It is one of life’s natural states and cycles, and often a delightful experience. Reading mystery novels are one way I enjoy a little more ah-hah in my life, and so I am also writing one and experiencing another discovery process for myself


A natural student (one of those life cycles of discovery), I have a Ph.D. in adult learning, degrees in communication and education, and graduate work in business management. Before turning to coaching and research,  I spent about 20 years working in government and industry in analyst and then management roles in a variety of functions, including information technology, marketing, and supply chain.


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