Creating by assignment

Sometimes creativity needs a trigger. I’ve generally liked a writing assignment–an essay or report with an assigned topic, or sometimes a creative writing prompt, though I seem to be less creative with those, or perhaps just less interested.
 Does your creative well respond to occasional or regular assignments?
 These may come from a class or a coach, a book or other program of prompts or steps that explore some topic or build a skill or perspective.
 DIY prompts are richest for some. Whatever your creative media or context, try giving yourself prompts. These may be spontaneous or thematic–you will photograph the unfolding season daily for 90 days, or lead a team discussion about the innovative product or creative genius featured in headlines once a week, or pre-assign yourself a different angle from which to begin your research or writing project the next day.
 Focus is powerful for every creative genius, and it may not come spontaneously, but need a little nudge.

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