Creativity loves company

One of the most enjoyable and effective ways to consciously construct a creativity-inducing environment is to be around creative people doing their creative things.
 Ideally this is done carbon-based, in real life 3D, but virtual is a fine substitute or supplement.
 The creative company you keep need not be related to the kind of creative work you do. In fact it helps and invigorates to watch or be around creative work completely unrelated to yours.
 My creative work is primarily writing and coaching. My creative heart is ignited by attending the symphony to see and hear the conductor and musicians work a kind of creative magic that humans have been transported by since our earliest history.
 Watching great TED talks online is not only informative and entertaining, I am inspired by the experience created by the speakers who design their talks with passion and technical expertise.
 Talking with artists about their work when I visit their booths at community festivals leaves me in awe and full of respect for a form of creative work that I believe will always be foreign to me.
 Watching How This Film Was Made documentaries is often more fun for me than the film itself. The vocal tone and eye quality of the various creative people who are interviewed about their contributions links me to their experience of their own artistic processes. Footage of these artists in action likewise gives me new insights into how so many different art makers approach their work, solve their creative dilemmas and deliver their art to the world.
 What kind of company is your creative self keeping?

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