Does a creative project have to consume you?

We can debate how much choice there is about this, but there is at least an opportunity for awareness going in:
 Most outstanding creative projects with breakthrough potential are going to want to completely overtake the life of the creative person.
 It takes a big idea or vision, and more importantly one that comes from deep within the individual. An assigned project, a simply good idea or sparkly vision, even one that is our own, rarely carries the fuel and light to carry us through an extraordinary major project. A COMPELLING project is required.
 This project will be a jealous lover and will want everything you have and more.
 Can you give it that? Must you? Will you?
 If you don’t want to or cannot surrender everything, or what often feels like everything, to this piece of work, is it worth it to even start?
 Can you keep the driver’s seat in the project, now making considered sacrifices on behalf of the project, and then also sacrifice the project for the sake of other priorities? Will that work for the project, for your life?
 There are no predetermined answers. Certainly no ideal ones. But you probably have some valuable gut level responses which will help guide your decisions about levels of committing to various creative projects.
 What matters is that process includes some conscious thought, self-examination, and counting the cost.
 If this project is the one that bewitches you, you will know you have fallen in love. Is there room in your life, or could there be, to build that love and let it have it’s way with you?

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