Does it matter how fast you go?

In the medium sized room that is my office I have at least 7 ways of telling time, not counting calendars or special apps for timing or tracking time or “managing” time, or the various messages about time that I might hear from various project materials, office records, administrative flotsam, even the voice mail light on the phone.
 The message is clear in most of our environments. Time awareness is important to us. Time is one of our most valuable experiences, and we may experience time as a scarce resource.
 So we feel pressed, and think we must hurry sometimes or all if the time, believing that hurrying is somehow a solution to the problem that we experience as time.
 When you are doing creative work, do you ever hurry, or feel hurried?
 Is that helpful or harmful to your creative process, or does it matter?
 Or do you find that hurry precludes creativity, shuts it down, rips it off of the table?
 Go even a little further. Does hurry in your life, even far removed from your times of apparently creative work, add to or take away from your ability to do creative work, do it as well as you believe you can, or do it joyfully?
 If you hurry through some of the parts of your day that don’t seen to matter so much, does the speed win back some time to do the work that does seem to matter? Is that where you actually end up spending the time, and is it good time?

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