Is this your creative work or someone else’s?

Does the creative project you’re working on, trying to work on, or feeling you should be working on actually belong to you?

Are you painting the kind of picture that you think will bring you recognition or customers or self-respect? If that’s a result of the creative product, how lovely. If it’s the real engine behind why you’re doing this and not something else, when exactly are you going to start doing your own work instead of someone else’s?

Are you starting or running a business because it’s what others think you were meant to do?

Are you working on an invention that fired you up months or years ago, but for which you have no lingering fire in the belly? Is it the work of a you that once was, or for the people who know you were once excited about it and who expect you to finish it and make them proud?

The creative work we do as an employee or student may be largely constrained by what others want, need and expect.

But the creative work we call our own, whether within someone else’s structure or solely under our own steam must be ours truly if we hope to bring true creative joy and genius to the process and outcome. This is the stuff of satisfying contribution and creative delight.

Do you have the courage to stop doing someone else’s work so you can have the space to do your own?

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