Pay attention to inspiration

Some of us wait for inspiration before getting down to creative work. Others of us plug away at it, for better or worse, inspired or not. Perhaps most of us do a little of both.
 But how many of us ignore inspiration when it comes?
 Inspiration sounds like something that comes in a flash, a beam of light pointing straight at it, accompanied by a swell of music that only we can hear. That can be true, and delightful when it happens.
 We get so much other inspiration though, often either not recognizing on it, not capturing it, or not acting on it.
 Do you know what the quieter forms of inspiration feel like when they come to you?
 Mine is often a slight sharpening of awareness of something-an object, an event, a phrase, a random thought. Other times inspiration is a juxtaposition of two different things, ideas or occurrences, something I almost don’t notice and don’t know what to make of. Sometimes it is a fleeting, half formed question, a small hankering after something, or a barely quickened pulse when my thoughts, my reading, a conversation, some casual writing starts to turn in a new and oddly interesting direction.
 These inspiration seedlings seldom appear in a form or context that makes a lot of sense. It’s not clear that this is inspiration, much less that it applies to a specific creative action or project or problem.
 It’s a shame that we sometimes simply cannot stop what we are doing and attend to inspiration seedlings. It’s a far deeper shame that we don’t respond to them when actually we could take three seconds and capture a thought, or pay closer attention to what wants our attention.
 The bottom line is that we have no excuse for complaining that we need inspiration but it won’t come to us. We are complaining that the wow of ah-hah with trumpets sounding isn’t lifting us from our seats to run to our creative work, burning with clarity and desire, direction and solutions that wait only for our hands to move over our materials and bring this brilliance into being.
 When we start noticing and giving some credit and gratitude to the flecks of inspiration that fall around and through us throughout the week, we are receiving some of the inspiration that is all around us.
 What will you do about this inspiration today?

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