Ten things I want for you

My fascination is understanding how new ideas, discoveries, inventions, expressions and other creations of useful originality are accomplished and experienced by the individuals who pursue them from spark to finish.
 What I want for you, one of those people who want to create the whole spark to finish adventure for yourself, or experience it more often or with less pain and drama, is this:
 I want for you
 1. To find your areas of fascination, or to help them find you.
 2. To make room for noticing and for creating more, spark to finish.
 3. To know that it’s not those other people who can and do create, contribute and break through. You don’t need to see yourself as special enough. You just need to see that those guys really aren’t that special. It’s not about special.
 4. To make the processes of creation and breakthrough familiar territory.
 5. To experience the practices of creation and breakthrough as routine.
 6. To successfully work through the difficult periods of finding footing, slogging, completing, launching.
 7. To create your own preferred mix of work and play, fascination and routine, personal mission and attending to others.
 8. To notice the personal transformations that accompany creative work.
 9. To be aware that in following your creative instincts you are expressing, or becoming more of, who you really are.
 10. To make creative contributions in the area of your fascination. To get it done. To launch it to us. To let us benefit from your work, your passion, your fascination.

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