Three moments in breakthrough creativity

Major creative projects have a few key defining moments. Three that shape the work:

 What were Einstein’s?
 -A vision–Understanding the mind of God
 -A question–What is the relationship of light, movement, and me, the observer?
 -An eventual story–E=mc2
 The Wright brothers?
 -A vision–We can fly!
 -A question–How to stay off the ground?
 -An eventual story–We are free of our tether to Earth
 What are mine? It depends on the project, of course. Here is a big one:
 -A vision–A common understanding that extraordinary breakthroughs come from ordinary people
 -A question–How do they do it?
 -An eventual story–It’s a feeling-driven experience that belongs to those who don’t quit or get stuck in one place:
 1. Wonder (fascination, pique)
 2. Orient (disorientation, play)
 3. Slog (I’ve come this far, I care this much)
 4. Deliver (trepidation, exultation)

 What do you suppose the moments of your project are, or will be?
 -A vision–
 -A question–
 -An emerging story–

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