Creativity compass


Self-Coaching for getting more work done

Anyone in messy, unknown territory needs a good map, a way to get oriented and find the next step forward. Do you have a process map for navigating your creative project? With a map, we can helicopter up and see, Oh, I'm here. So I can go in this direction, and get there.

A creativity process map takes us from start to finish in any kind of new-territory project. When we feel completely lost, we can get reoriented by consulting the map.

A map and set of navigation tools will address the essential challenges of anyone doing original work: solving sticky problems, finding those light bulb insights, and arriving at valuable conclusions.

These tools are separate from the tools of your trade or your craft. The map is distinct from the body of content knowledge and experience in whatever turf you’re playing on.

Navigating the creative process is something more than the best practices of your field or project type. It’s a centering and amplifying practice we can lay over the terrain of whatever field we are in, and whatever we are working on.