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coaching for creative change

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Deanna Vogt, PhD


What are you trying to make or improve, change or ignite?

Are you getting ideas and obstacles out of your head and into the light where you can navigate with, around, and through them?

If there is more stuck in your head than moving forward out in the world, a coach can help with that.


Individual Coaching

Professional Breakthrough

  • Complete creative projects
  • Make strong career and leadership transitions
  • Succeed at culture change
  • Bring your visions forward
  • Achieve personal formulas for balance and flow


Team Coaching

Strength in Numbers

  • Produce clear strategy and breakthrough problem-solving
  • Align individual values and group agreements
  • Connect collective goals with forward motion
  • Develop individual strengths and team cohesion


Group Coaching

companions in success

  • Receive targeted coaching for shared challenges
  • Share creative experiences and achievements
  • Reduce costs while gaining advocates and idea generators
  • Support others while reaching your goals

For nearly 20 years I have coached for creative change.

I am inspired by every project I work on with my clients.

Wherever we start, the work is creative. Without fail.

When you start out to make meaningful change in yourself or the world, or bring an idea, vision, or question forward, intending to follow it to a solution, you enter the creative zone.

If you want to begin with a simple self-coaching tool, download the free Creativity Navigator.


When you need a professional navigator at your side while you figure out where you’re going, make flow a bigger part of your creative work, break through sticky problems, and prepare your changes, creations, and innovations to be well received, talk to a professional coach.

Insist on a good fit for your goal, work style, and values. Then get to work accelerating your creative work to done.