Deanna Vogt

I hope you will find a boost for your creative work here,

whether that work is in organizational leadership or in your home workshop,

at the drafting table or keyboard,

centered in a laboratory, studio, or journal.

Hi there. I'm an executive coach, living near the Gulf Coast, enjoying books, beach, family, and work.

This site is where I share what I learn about the creative process and experience as useful tools, fresh perspectives, interesting ideas, and motivating stories.

Sharing learning is what I do--not just sharing what I have learned, but sharing in the experience of learning (for creativity is simply learning and exploring outside the lines of is already known) . 

I've been an executive coach for nearly 20 years, following a career in education and technology management.

Coaching is a potent collaboration between creative people, no matter the topic or who those people are. It is one of my favorite creative experiences. It works, in large part, because of focus, curiosity, and high regard.

On this website my aim is that when you want to work, solve, or develop creatively, you have a smart path to follow.

More importantly, I want you to recognize that what you are experiencing in your project, or in your creative life, fits into the normal flow of any kind of creative work. 

Recognizing our common experiences, we need never be completely lost in the fog and complexity of creative work.

Grab a map of the territory and choose some tools for navigation. Come through your current creative project stronger and more than ready for your next challenge and inspiration.

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Deanna Vogt, PhD